"Is this it? "

You did everything the way you thought you should…


Diploma in hand, a job with nice conditions and perhaps a house with all the trimmings.


But this is not quite it, you feel it, you know it.


“But what then!?”, that is still unclear.


What about a few pointed questions from someone who doesn’t judge your answers…?

What others say

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" The relaxed yet always focused and challenging way Boy asks questions, listens, and reflects on conversations and assignments helped to examine and organize my thoughts and emotions on my career, skills, and personal life and my goals towards them."


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" Boy gave me insight into why I was busy with so many people and things in my head, but that this is not necessary. Everyone has his or her place, along with responsibilities, and I can take my place. I have learned to be who I am and to make my own decisions that keep me happy. "


person, individually, alone-1824147.jpg

" Boy gave me the feeling that everything revolved around me, I got the freedom and time I needed. ... Over the past year I have become a different Danny and I am grateful to Boy for that "


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Provocative questions, an open attitude and humor,

that’s what you can expect from me.

Every session and every journey is all about you,

no one to tell you what you ‘should’…


✅ Check-in
(20 min)

✅ Online coach session (1 - 1,5 hr)

3 months

✅ Check-in
(40 min)

✅ 6 online coach sessions
(1 - 1,5 hr)

✅ tailor-made exercises

6 months

✅ Check-in
(60 min)

✅ 12 online coach sessions
(1- 1,5 hr)

✅ tailor-made exercises

Coaching possible in Dutch (Nederlands) and English.

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Online Coaching?

I have experienced from both sides (as a coach and as a coachee) that online coaching can be effective.


Yes, it requires a slightly different approach on my part,

but that doesn’t get in the way of a bunch of good questions, exercises and insights.



We speak to each other online in sessions that we plan together. 

Coaching at times that suit you, that’s convenient.



Does that work, online coaching? Of course it does!